Hello, Thanks for stopping by. Like many others, I started with Landscape photography . But now I lean towards people photography. There is something special in capturing a precise moment of time that can tell a human story. Cartier Bresson and Ansel Adams are two of my favorite photographers. I think Moon over Hernandez is a great photograph; so is Hy√®res, France 1932 by Henri Cartier-Bresson. What I enjoy most about photography is that it lets me focus all my energy and aesthetic values into one precise moment. Photography also gives me a chance to get out of my Data Science and Engineering roles and helps me exercise my right brain (or so i think). I hope you liked some of the pictures on this site.  Feel free to drop me a line or connect on social channels if you want to talk anything related to photography. 


I mostly use a Nikon D800 with prime and zoom lenses. When I can't carry it, I use my iphone. Over the years I have learned that gear is not as important as gear manufacturers want me to believe. 

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